Are you a Parent Committed to Finding a Better Way Forward to:

  • Mindfully supporting your child’s social and emotional growth?
  • Help with stress and anxiety around your tween’s “challenging” moods?
  • Develop gratitude and dismantle the communication roadblocks you experience with your child?
  • Enhance your child’s perspective so that they see themselves with wonder and self-respect?

Making the Most of The One and Only You!

1. Begin the Journey

Commit to helping your tween discover and appreciate their unique gifts!

2. Explore the Book

Flip through the book together, find what sparks your tween’s interest, and encourage their curiosity.

3. Start Talking

Facilitate any exercises or worksheets that speak to your tween. Use them as conversation starters, and give them permission to take ownership of their identity exploration.

Download Our Free Self-Reflection Starter Worksheet:

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Give the Gift of Authenticity to your Child

It’s normal to have BIG feelings and automatic negative thoughts. We all do. The One and Only You! coaches your tween through the waves that come with growing up and normalizes all emotions with compassion.

Over the course of the book, your tween will explore the power of positive self-talk, growth mindset, and their own creative potential. They’ll be empowered in their unique abilities and feel a heightened sense of belonging and empathy. And you’ll discover more about how your child sees themselves, where they feel both stress and mastery. Together, with this book, you will begin to build trust in their own creative process.

Packed with worksheets, games, neuroscience facts, guided exercises, and more, this book helps tweens tune into their truest selves. Give them – and yourself – this growing-up gift with The One and Only You!

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