Are You an Educator Committed to Finding a Path Forward With:

  • The lack of current information available on supporting your students’ social/emotional growth?
  • How to manage and reduce the effects of peer pressure and bullying in the classroom?
  • Enhancing the vocabulary of discussing feelings and emotions?
  • Increasing community and empathy in the classroom?
  • Normalizing the big emotions that we all experience, while learning the fundamentals of self-management?

Using The One and Only You! In the Classroom and Beyond

1. Identify Goals

Decide what social/emotional goals you want to develop with your students: Growth mindset, flexible thinking, reframing automatic negative thoughts (ANTS), etc.

2. Dive into the Book

Select a guided exercise to use with a group of students – or one of the worksheets to facilitate independent thinking.

3. Start Talking

Use the exercise as a way to spark conversations, build emotional vocabulary, and encourage reflection and increased self-awareness in your students.

Download Our Free Self-Guided Exercise:

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Renew a Sense of Self in your Students

It’s never been more challenging to be a young person than it is now. Children in fourth through eighth grades are inundated with social media, peer pressure, and the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic in their school and home lives.

Educators and counselors are in the privileged position to help with the task of guiding young people to drown out the “noise” and embrace their unique and authentic selves. The One and Only You! was developed as a guidebook for you and the tweens in your life. We intend to cultivate a sense of compassion and creativity in our youth – and help rebuild communities in which they can survive.

Packed with worksheets, games, neuroscience facts, guided exercises, and more, this book helps tweens become ridiculously themselves in the best possible way. Give them – and yourself – this gift with The One and Only You!

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