Pinnacle Book Award

Explore the Power of Being Ridiculously You!

Help Young People Discover Their Truest Potential

Young people today face new, unique challenges and pressures every day - from the current pandemic to the overload of social media.

Help them navigate these modern hardships. So they can live joyfully and creatively.

Explore the first chapter as a gift.

The modern world is hard on our tweens.

And adults can be hard on them. But they’re even harder on themselves!

But it’s within your power to give them the tools they need to thrive socially, emotionally, and creatively.

The Tools & Language You Need

Learn to navigate and work through big feelings with compassion and awareness together.

Improved Decision-Making, Motivation & Growth Mindset

Show how to challenge automatic negative thoughts and discover the power of positive thinking.

The Gift of Empowerment & Joyful Creativity

Together, you’ll experience a greater sense of self-love, belonging, and community awareness.

The One and Only You!

is your user-friendly tool kit to help your tween invite positive growth into their toolkit and navigate the complexities of adolescence.

Help them embrace their truest selves with love, fun, and power!

Want to help your tween make their mark on the world?

You see your tween for who they are, with all the amazing gifts they have to offer. But how do you get them to recognize and embrace this version of themselves? If only there was a creative guidebook, road map, workbook, and journal all rolled into one…

Enter The One and Only You! How to Be the Best, Truest, You-est You. This self-exploratory book is a must-have for tweens in fourth through eighth grades. It’s filled with fun exercises, games, brain science, and spots for doodles and self-reflection.

Download Chapter One Now!

Download Chapter 1 of The One and Only You and help your child embrace their truest selves with love, fun, and power!